How To Make A Pizza Without Yeast?: Recipe And Tips

By | May 12, 2021

You can no longer find baker’s yeast to make your homemade pizzas, but your craving for Regina or Quatre-Fromages is still as strong? No more worries, with this yeast-free pizza recipe from the Italian pizzaiolo Cristian Marasco, to satisfy your desires easily and without missteps.

How to make a pizza without yeast: recipe and tips

All pizza recipes ask you to bring together flour, water, salt… and baker’s yeast. But what if you can’t get your hands on those little cubes of fresh yeast, when you crave pizza? Just follow this yeast-free pizza recipe and the accompanying tips, to indulge yourself.

Pizza without yeast, step 1: the first dough


● 150 g of flour

● 100 g of lukewarm water, if possible of PH 7 (neutral)

● ½ teaspoon of sugar

In a glass or plastic container (because the steel prevents the dough from swelling) , pour in all the ingredients and stir vigorously until you obtain a smooth and compact paste, which you will shape into a ball.

In another container of the same ilk (or in the same but perfectly cleaned), place your ball of dough and cover with transparent film that you will pierce many small holes with a toothpick.

Leave the dough at room temperature for 24 hours, in a corner of your kitchen, until it doubles in size. If after this time the dough has not doubled, wait longer. It is a natural process that depends a lot on the temperature!

Pizza without yeast, step 2: the second dough


● Your first dough

● 250 g of flour

● 150 g of lukewarm water, if possible of pH 7 (neutral)

● 10 g of salt

Mix your first dough with the 250 g of flour, to obtain a new dough of about 500 g. At this point, add 100 g of water, mix and then pour the remaining 50 g of water in which you have previously melted the salt.

Knead the whole thing until you get a soft but firm dough, similar to a classic pizza dough. If it sticks too much, add a little flour, but do not put oil in your preparation. Your dough is ready.

Step 3: work your dough and shape your pizza

At this point, you will only have to apply the usual gestures of designing a pizza. Divide the dough into 2 or 3 small balls, which you have to knead again. We recommend that you put a little oil on your hands when working the dough, to make this step easier.

Let them swell again, at room temperature (or over a preheated oven), before spreading them out on an oiled baking sheet. If they hold up a bit when you roll them out, that’s a good sign, because this elasticity means that your dough is successful.

Put a little oil on the dough to prevent the ingredients from penetrating it, then spread the tomato sauce that you have prepared with love on the side, before adding the other ingredients that you want.

Place the pizza for 1 minute in the base of an oven preheated to 250 ° C, then 9 minutes as high as possible in the oven. If possible, use hot air. Go out and enjoy your pizza now!

Tips and mistakes to avoid for a successful homemade pizza

For a good homemade pizza, with or without yeast, here are some tips and the too common mistakes that the Italian pizza maker noted, to be sure to succeed!

> Add salt only at the end of the preparation of the dough, as it interferes with levitation.

> Do not put oil in the dough.

> Better to add the charcuterie, thinly sliced, after cooking, so that it does not dry out.

> The vegetables will be cut into thin slices and placed on the pizza halfway through cooking.

> While cooking in the oven, it is advisable to put a pot of water at the base of the oven for a pizza that does not dry out!

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