How To Choose The Right Pizza Knives?

By | May 12, 2021

The pizza knife is a very practical accessory that makes our life a lot easier. Existing in several forms, it can quickly become the best companion for lovers of the famous Italian dish.

How to choose the right pizza knives?

Have you ever wondered if there isn’t a more efficient way to cut pizza? Because yes, we can put an end to the cheese which moves in a block, with the tomato which follows it slyly and the crust which resists all your attempts to cut it peacefully. To do this, you just have to opt for a pizza knife and especially to choose it well, because obviously not all are equal.

Anatomy of a good pizza knife

When choosing your pizza knife, it is its blade and its handle that you have to pay attention to. Made of stainless steel, the blade of this knife should at least measure 10 cm and have a grind , that is to say a sharp part, convex in shape for better efficiency. High and rounded, this blade can also be pierced with several cells. This is to prevent cheese and other ingredients from sticking to the blade during cutting. On some knives, these cells even draw the word “pizza”, a little more aesthetic which does not spoil the practical side. Finally, ideally, the edge of the blade is serrated for a clean cut of the pizza.

To facilitate its grip, the handle of the pizza knife must be rounded and also measure within 10 cm. It is generally made of ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) or polypropylene, but for more elegance at the table, it is quite possible to opt for pizza knives with wooden handles or even stainless steel for those manufactured. in one piece.

The professional pizza knife

The pizza knife of pizzaiolos is very different from the regular pizza knife. Its goal: to cut pizza quickly and well, which is why it has a much longer blade, generally between 45 and 50 cm. Also curved, which can be serrated or not, this gigantic blade has handles at both ends to provide good support points for easily cutting pizza in a single movement. In the end, this makes a utensil much more efficient and pleasant to use than a simple pizza wheel.

The best for a professional: customize your knives by engraving the blade or the handle with the mention of your choice, as is possible with Sabatier kitchen knives for example.

The advantages of the pizza knife

With its convex blade, the pizza knife allows you to apply more pressure on its edge, thus cutting the dough in a continuous movement, cleanly and without burrs, something difficult to do with a kitchen knife. It also allows pizza to be cut without the ingredients sticking to the knife, whereas an ordinary knife immediately tears off the layer of cheese for lack of cells on its blade.

Clever utensil, the pizza knife allows a clean, comfortable and quick slice of his pizza, to taste properly as it should be this delicious specialty. And then, in the absence of pizza, know that this knife is also devilishly effective on bread and steaks, which makes the investment very interesting.

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