Review And Test Of A Chef On The Ooni Koda 12 Pizza Oven!

By | June 23, 2021

I am a Chef Baker by trade, and today a bakery teacher. But above all I am a big fan of pizzas ! Especially the Neapolitan pizzas, with their special cooking.

You have surely noticed it, impossible to cook a real pizza like in Italy in a domestic oven . The reason is very simple: this type of oven is not able to produce sufficient heat and temperature convection. Because pizza is usually cooked between 400 and 500 ° C .

It was then that I decided to acquire the Ooni Koda 12 oven! This small pizza oven has many advantages: an attractive price, a compact size but largely large enough pizzas and the promise of very high quality cooking.

But what about the facts? Is this pizza oven really a bargain? I give you my opinion in this article.

Before starting, I specify that this article is NOT sponsored and that I am NOT in partnership with the brand. It is the unbiased opinion of a buyer that you have there.

Otherwise, here’s everything you need to know about this pizza oven: 


Ordered over the Internet and received very quickly , here is what is in the box: 

The Ooni Koda 12 oven (with folding legs)

The refractory stone to be placed in the furnace (very carefully packed in shock-proof packaging)

The regulator for the gas bottle (compatible with the 6 kg Propane Cube bottle from Butagaz)

  • A document for the warranty
  • The user manual (available in French)
  • A small recipe book
  • A match holder

For the price, you have everything you need to start your first cooking. Everything is very well packed and with care . The explanations are clear, simple and perfectly detailed. The installation is done in 5 minutes .

The cookbook is very valuable. Especially since there is a free smartphone application with lots of recipes, tutorials and a converter to make your pasta.

Frankly nothing to say, it’s great! 

review test test chef oven ooni Koda pizza The cardboard looks imposing, the oven remains compact. Everything is very well packaged and with great care. At the bottom right of the image, you can see the propane gas cylinder which, too, remains quite inconspicuous.

Technical characteristics

As we have seen above, the oven operates on propane gas (only). There is no cooking with wood or charcoal here, but this allows it to deliver lively and sufficient heat (and it is much simpler and more practical). 

The oven is quite compact but can bake pizzas of about 33 cm in diameter . It is more than a traditional plate and it is for me (despite being a good eater) more than enough !

It needs fifteen minutes to reach the temperature of 500 ° C . Once at temperature, the pizza cooks in about 1 minute . 

review test test chef oven ooni Koda pizzaOnce the three legs are unfolded, the oven is perfectly stable. Moreover, very little heat is released below and behind the device. That’s a good point.

The device running 

It only takes a few seconds to set up and set up the oven, it’s great (and again because I fit it inside after each use).

Simply place it on a stable place by unfolding the folding feet, connect it to the gas cylinder and then start the burner.

review test test chef oven ooni Koda pizza The gas regulator is very safe. Once clipped on the bottle it holds perfectly and does not fear any leakage. 

To do this, slowly turn the button until you hear the click (the spark) which will ignite the flames and hold the button for a few seconds (a little more the first times). 

The oven heats up quickly and even very quickly. In about ten minutes , it already reaches 400 ° C. 

review test test chef oven ooni Koda pizza 

After 15 minutes, the stone easily reaches 500 ° C. The flames are yellow, bright and hot. Namely that the intensity can be adjusted using the dial on the back of the device. 

With my thermometer I noted a temperature difference between the very hot bottom and the front of the stone. When baking, cooking takes 1 to 2 minutes maximum . But it is important to turn the pizza very frequently during this period so that it does not burn at the bottom (as in most pizza ovens).  

Once the helping hand is taken, this little oven becomes a real wonder ! 

review test test chef oven ooni Koda pizzaThe Ooni Koda 12 remains a very space-saving and mobile oven. You can take it with you to cook outside. And since it works on gas, it is perfectly autonomous.

The quality of the pizza

Now let’s talk about how well the pizza bakes in this Koda from Ooni. The pizzas bake in this oven obtain a perfect and homogeneous cooking above and below .

The heat very quickly allows the carbon dioxide in the dough to work well to give it a crispy and, above all, well-honeycombed crust . It’s light and gives that great taste of traditional pizza dough. 

It’s really flawless on this point! 

review test test chef oven ooni Koda pizzaIf you like pizzas with a light, crispy and airy dough, you will be served with the Ooni Koda!

The ergonomics and practicality of the oven

This Koda from Ooni has the advantage of being quite compact without however offering too small pizzas. It takes up a bit of space in depth but not much in width. I found the folding legs very practical for storing and especially for storing the oven. I, who don’t have a garage and don’t want the Koda to sleep outside, it’s very practical! 

Starting up the burner is very easy ! The appliance provides a spark when it is ignited (a bit like a gas hob) so no need to have a match handy. 

The Koda can be quite sensitive to gusts of wind. It is therefore advisable to place it with your back to the wind to prevent it from going out inadvertently. Do not worry if this is the case, a security will automatically cut off the gas supply. 

I also really appreciated that the oven comes with a clip-on and lock-in regulator. It is very safe and especially compatible with small propane cylinders that are easier to move and transport.

As for gas consumption, it is approximately 600 gr of propane for one hour of use . So a small bottle of 6 kilos (at around twenty euros excluding the deposit) will allow you to cook around 10 hours in this oven. 

The Ooni Koda 12 is therefore rather economical ! 

At this price point, it ranks it among the cheapest pizza ovens on the market.

Also I recommend that you order your oven on the brand’s website. You will thus benefit from the “pizza passed or refunded” within 60 days and the 3-year guarantee (which will not be the case if you buy it elsewhere). Finally, by ordering the Ooni Koda 12 from the brand, you will help plant trees thanks to Ooni’s partnership with Eden Projects and 1% for the planet.

Also remember to take a shovel that can enter the oven (be careful of the diameter). Rather thin, in stainless steel, and preferably with a not too long handle (it is not a very very deep oven). Personally I took this pizza peel and it is perfect for the Ooni Koda : 

The brand 

Ooni has been very active in the pizza oven market for several years. It shares a large part of the market with the Gozney brand. The brand has only existed since 2012 but is very popular with consumers . 

The advantage of buying Ooni is to be able to easily find accessories (such as a new stone) without counting the application, the after-sales service and the warranty!

To conclude :

The Ooni Koda 12 is one of those products that I love: not too expensive, very effective and practical to use. It has become a real partner of pizza evenings at home. But not only: Alsatian tarts flambées, breads… the possibilities are numerous! Once the little help is taken, the Ooni Koda turns out to be a very profitable pleasure investment !

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